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Thursday, 30 September 2010

A2Z Champions Round 2!

All you must do is challenge 200 of any Krokotillians in Krokotopia to a magical duel, and defeat them! In doing so you should achieve your "Krok Slayer" Badge!

Then all you have to do is take a screenshot or printscreen of your character wearing the badge clearly, with your name and the badge showing!

The winner will be chosen at random out of all entries using a random number generator.

( This is round 2 of A2Z Champions, entries must be in by Midnight October 15th )

So why enter:

You could...
- Be placed in the A2ZC HALL OF FAME forever!

- Get your own special A2Z Title
eg. Gobbliterator - for winning the Gobbler Challenge

- Get a portrait of you character drawn by John Spiritshade
In the style of A2Z Characters eg. Merlistaire, Lady Blackhope etc.
- Get 1 Random WizardBlox Code

 Then there will be a Seventh and final Contest,
which will decide the one true A2Z Champion of 2010.
( If you have completed and entered all 6 challenges, then that will give you much greater standing in winning the final challenge. The current challenge is the SECOND challenge. )

Have a bash in the spiral!


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