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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Interview with KI's Fred Howard and Ben Conrad from MMOCrunch!

Some quick snippets from the MMO Crunch Interview, with my comments in orange!

"Will there be any new additions to content for lower-level players?

FH: There will be. "

"FH: While there are no plans to change designations of areas that are currently considered premium content in the game, we will be adding some new content that will be open to free-to-play players."

Yes you heard it here first free players! Could it be that you can also get a taste of Celestia somehow?

"Is there any sort of additional information you can give me about it?

FH: What I -can- tell you is that Celestia is primarily targeting the Grandmasters with a level-cap increase, but there will be new content for lower level players. One of the big things in Celestia will be swimming. There will be zones in which players will be able to swim and adventure in. There will also be underwater mounts and a number of items that low-level characters will be able to enjoy as well."

Swimming? Does this mean that a new depth of gameplay will be added? As in not only moving forward back left and right, but Upwards and Downwards also? So apparently swimming will play a big role in Celestia...
And I can't wait to get my hands on one of those mounts!

"While Ben Conrad did not say much during the actual question and answer process, he did assure me afterwards that while the world of Dragonspyre is considered very cool by a lot of the player base, it is also referred to as dark and somber.

BC: “With Celestia, I think people will find areas that are visually gorgeous, but that also get back to the more whimsical themes that we saw in earlier worlds.”"

So, is Celestia the Mooshu to the depressing Marleybone? Lets hope so, as It is said to be one of the most visually stunning worlds yet...

Be sure to read the full article, these are just a few extracts! There is tons of info. in the interview, go check it out!

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