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Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Big Welcome to Beta The Owl!

Hoo- Hello there! I am Beta the Owl, faithful companion of Merlistaire Spiralsmith!
In the future I shall be posting here with my new segments!

 You know those polls you vote on at the side and bottom of this website? I will announce the results of any recently closed polls in this segment!

  In this segment, I need you to send us an e-mail, tweet ( my personal favorite), or comment on my posts with a question about wizard101 or even Ambrose2Zeke itself if you like, so I can try and answer it as best I can!

  And finally, any other wizard101 e-mails, tweets, comments etc. I recieve I may post or talk about here!

 My email is betatheowl@gmail.com
or tweet @ambrose2zeke!

So get typing, voting, or tweeting!

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