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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Beta's Polls #1

Here are the results of our poll...

"Which School of Magic do you play most?"

  11 (29%)
  4 (10%)
  4 (10%)
  4 (10%)
  4 (10%)
  5 (13%)
  5 (13%)

Total number of votes recieved: 37

Looks like Fire thrashed the other schools with a large 29%, with Death and Balance both drawing at 13%, and Ice, Storm, Myth and Life drawing at 10%.

John Spiritshade: "Where were you Ice School? Because Ice is obviously the BEST school."
Beta the Owl: "John please be quiet I'm trying to do a post here..."
John Spiritshade: "But it's true..." Just Kidding! :-)

Now a new poll has been opened! Check it out on the sidebar!

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