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Monday, 31 May 2010

Diary of a Wizard's Ravenwood Ball!

 On Saturday night it was Diary of A Wizard's Birthday Bash and Ravenwood Ball!!

 Hosted by the amazing Fallon Shadowblade! I snapped this Picture of her sporting some of her finest witches attire!

All the Celebs of Wizard101 fansites were there, including Leesha Darkheart, Stephen Spiritcaller, Christina Icedreamer, Kevin Battleblood, Thomas Lionblood (The Friendly Necromancer), Kestrel Shadowthistle, Dustin Mooncatcher, David Titanrider, Cassandra Griffindremer, Jessica FairyHeart, Heather Raven, Heather EmeraldFlame, and too many to list, so lets stop the name dropping! And these were just the people I managed to see! Almost every Wizard 101 blogger and hundreds of Diary of a Wizard Members were there!

I was there 2 hours before the event began and crowds were already building!

This is snap was taken on Area 4, the quietest area! I visited 1,2 and 3 aswell, all of them were packed!
Of course wherever Thomas Lionblood went, you tended to see mobs of people, resultung in a blue mass of names! (visual representation of mob above)

Therefore his presence resulted in a glitchy rift of awsome necromancy!

...or not.

As the party was getting rather chaotic, and maybe... just maybe a bit too crowded, we managed to escape to fallon's exquisite house.


Overall it was chaos at first, but a fantastic evening for all!

You can see more Pics taken by Fallon Shadowblade and also Ravenwood Radio's Broadcast of the event here !

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