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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Advanced Pets & Feedback


 Left- 1st place in pet derby.                            Right- one of many minigames to train your pet.

Have you visited the Test Realm yet? You can test features coming soon to Wizard 101 including the advanced pet system. You can grow pets from eggs, and into ancient and epic beings, with talents and powers which may help you in the new pet derby where you can race your pets and earn arena tickets, or even in battle! They may even cast spells of their own! If you havent checked it out yet, there are two pictures above, we will show you more pictures soon!

Don't worry though, these new features might go live very soon!


Merlistaire has a few things to say!

"Hello wizards! Have you read 'Sparrowwood Part 1'? We would love to know your thoughts! Just tweet me @ambrose2zeke or comment on this or the sparrowwood part 1 post!

Also I would like to remind all students that you can always send me Wizard101 Questions through twitter, a comment or an e-mail, and my pet Owl Beta will read them on this blog! Farewell for now!"

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